About the Bluffton Cemetery

Texas Historical Commission Plaque


The Bluffton Cemetery is a historic cemetery that dates back 150 years, to about 1864. In 2001, the Texas Historical Commission designated the Bluffton Cemetery as a Historic Texas Cemetery. The plaque to the left is proudly mounted on the wall of the chapel facing Ranch Road 2241.

This cemetery is actually the second Bluffton Cemetery. The first, the Old Bluffton Cemetery, was covered by the waters of Lake Buchanan in 1937; and this cemetery, the New Bluffton Cemetery was built in 1931 to replace the Old Bluffton Cemetery. Of the 459 graves that were moved from the basin of Lake Buchanan, 422 were moved to the New Bluffton Cemetery, now commonly called the Bluffton Cemetery. Today, there are approximately 1,330 persons buried here.

The Bluffton Cemetery is governed by the patrons of the Bluffton Cemetery Association. This consists of those who have family buried in the cemetery, those who have plots assigned to them, and those who are interested in the Bluffton Cemetery. These patrons elect a trustee (director), one of three, at the annual cemetery business meeting which is held on the first Saturday of the month of October. Each director serves a three year term.

The trustees (directors) are subject to the current Bluffton Cemetery Bylaws. The primary duties of the trustees include keeping the records of the cemetery, handling the finances of the cemetery, maintaining the cemetery, and planning for the future of the cemetery. You may see the current Bluffton Cemetery Bylaws by clicking this link.

You, the patron, are the most important link in the continued success of the Bluffton Cemetery. The association's only source of revenue is through your donations. Thank you for the support that has made the Bluffton Cemetery the success it is today.