Cemetery Database

This is the plat of the Bluffton Cemetery. By clicking on the image of the plat you will be directed to the plat itself. By enlarging, you will be able to eventually zoom in to the point that you can read the individual names of those interred in the cemetery. There is also a legend which shows the meaning of the various colors and shadings of the plots in the cemetery. By using the "Find..." option, you can locate an individual person's grave. Unfortunately, you can search by last name only; so you might have to click the "next" option to scroll through several graves before you find the person you are searching for.

Additionally, by clicking this link, Bluffton Cemetery Alphabetic Census, you have access to the current cemetery database. You will notice some "apparent links" within the document. These are not available directly from this document. However, you can see from the abbreviations, that we have numerous different types of information available. The information here may, probably does, have some errors, so bear with us. You can search through this census document, using the "Find..." option in your browser.

This is only a temporary form of access to our database, we hope to have more comprehensive abilities in the near future.